Forum rules

Forum rules

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Dear users of the Model Horse DataBase (MyMHDB) and this forum.

Welcome to the help forum of the Model Horse DataBase. Please note that this Forum is NO general model horse forum. This means that it is not allowed to start general discussion about the model horse hobby here. Please use the already existing forums for this purpose. The users of the general forums certainly will help you if you have questions about model horses.

This forum is only for improving the Model Horse DataBase (MyMHDB).

If you should have any problems with the database or find errors, you can post them in the forum "Problems & error messages". We do our best to resolve the error as quickly as possible, or to help with a problem.

For criticism, whether positive or negative, you can use the forum "Criticism and suggestions". Also requests and suggestions can be expressed here and will be appreciated very much. We are interested in improving and expanding the MyMHDB constantly, and will inform you (mainly by the news on the main page about innovations.

Please note also the following:

Patrick and I lead the MyMHDB and this forum only in part-time work and have a fulltime job in "real life". Therefore, there may be delays when responding to requests, or when resolving errors or problems. We apologize for this in advance and thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for your active help and the use of MyMHDB

the MyMHDB team (Patrick and Martina)
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